ammolite... pretty colors!

Jul 3, 2003
So I just returned from a vacation to the Canadian Rockies and I picked up a few nifty locally-grown things there.

Has anyone heard of "ammolite"? It appears to be fossilized ammonites that aquired an amazing iridescence all over the surface somewhere in the process. Reds, greens, yellow, blue, purples. Reminds me of the most firey opal i've ever seen. I picked up a small chunk. It's just a millimeter or so of it on a base of limonite, quite fragile. Usually they protect it with a clear coating or (for jewelry) with a spinel cap.

Pictures soon to follow.
yep, thats the stuff! I picked up just a section of one as well as a flashy blue-green-purple pendant. There were complete ammonites all over the place for sale though.

There were some as large as in that link, others ranged down to 6 inches for, say, $400 and up.
No, pleeeeease don't tell me I have to sell YET ANOTHER ferrari, do I? This hobby is seriously eating into my trust fund...

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