Amazing Blaschka glass models from UK Natural History Museum

Jul 11, 2005
Hello All,

I received my copy of the Natural History Museum's member's magazine today and there is a fascinating article about the collection of Blaschka glass models in there. Here's an article from the museum's website.


These models are absolutely beautiful! I've never seen anything like them, they are pretty old and much in need of repair.

I've also found this link

Blaschka Sea Creatures Cornell Warmus

which has some beautiful squid and octopus that they made.

Man, if I have ever wanted to Jedi-mind-trick someone into accidentally making the statement 'Free to a good home' (legally binding, of course)... the time is now.
It's amazing such beautiful models can be made of glass.

I once visited a glass flower collection, probably made in the same period, belonging to Harvard University. These beautiful glass flowers were full size and looked so very real.

Amazed and delighted at the rarified beauty of this collection! CapnNemo, thank you so very much for this beautiful set of links!
I'm particularly keen on the histioteuthis...
There's a really nice glass octopus in the NHM member's magazine, I'll see if I can get it online for you to see, the colours are unbelievable.

At the end of the article it says 'Members can request a tour of the collection before making a donation to their upkeep and restoration' apparently they have been stored in 'less than ideal conditions', might have to see if I can save up a bit of cash and take a trip to the museum. Perhaps I might combine it with my visit in October for the Giant Squid tour., if I can wait that long.

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