Alice's New Home


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
We have moved Alice into her new home. Tim was off work today, so during the day, he moved all of her rock into the new tank. She put up a fight for her rock, though. He was saying that every time he went to move a rock, she would grab it and play (fight) over it. He finally got all the rock transfered. When I got home, we talked about moving her some more. I placed a shrimp into a big bad and she went right in. We were congratulating ourselves on the seemless transition. While we were getting her used to the new water, I was holding the bag, and we were getting her used to the temp first, and she was trying to break out of the bag. after about 1 mnute of her pushing on all parts of the bag, she got a tentacle through where I was holding it, and totally pushed my hand away. She got out of the bag and into the new tank. No acclimation. I was so nervous about her adjusting to the new tank, but she immediately touched all the new rock and dug herself a new den. I find it interesting that she dug a den behind the same rock as her den in the old tank. We just fed her, and she seems to be doing great. We are actually seeing a lot of new colors, which is awesome. We are very excited! Thing went well, and she seems to be doing great. Pictures will follow!
Thanks for everything
Tim and Beth
This is good news - you made the transition without a terrible struggle. Alice must like her new, much larger home. She must recognize all her rocks!
Have you ever figured out what species Alice is?
Looking forward to the pics...

I was up first thing this morning to check on her. She is doing great. She was out when I got us, and followed me as I walked around the tank. She is trying to catch the damsels in there, but hasn't accomplished it yet. I am absolutely amazed at the new spectrum of colors that she is showing. A friend said that it was hard in the small tank to really see how beautiful she is, but now it's out there. I am so happy for her. Party next weekend!

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