Aku's Journal

Glad you are feeling well enough to post, you can ignore my other questions as I have been reading these LIFO and you have answered the questions I had :oops:

The baby pictures are the best of anyone yet for the small egged hatchling!
haggs;130862 said:
congratulations........... now the fun begins, well the hard work begins anway. Maybe one day I will bring home a new friend with me and face the same. haggs

Do we know if Situ is a small or larged egged species?
Aku is gone, babies, too

Well, yesterday Aku was dead. I would check under the tank every morning to see if she was moving and yesterday she was still. It was easy to remove her, and I could see the 6 or 7 stringy things that the festoons of eggs hung from. She was never very happy in my tank, I always felt kind of bad for keeping her. She was too wild to ever eat while she was brooding, and I never saw her (without peeking under the tank) after she began brooding. I was able to get the tank all cleaned up and back in order yesterday, in between helping my husband out with his relapse of noro- virus and trying to disinfect the whole house! And now I face the inevitable curse of an octo keeper, a bare tank...
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