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ahabs eggs have hatched

Feb 24, 2005
well i wake up this morning and notice that she has pushed a large mound of sand out of the den. of course i dont think anything of it. i check on her and everything is about as normal as can be... i proceed to go to a fish store that was willing to give me all the bugs out their refugium as long as i caught them myself. i go to the store come back with lots and lots of bugs of all different flavors. walk in the door and notice a little squidlike fella swimmin on the surface so i immediatly freak out and unplug the sump. then i try to catch as many as i can which is about 5 or so that i can see cause i presume the eggs had just hatched and the rest of the babies are swimming around above the substrate and rockwork and its hard to find pinheads in a 125 gallon tank. i put 4 in a little breeder net with some algea packed with pods and the 5th in a specamin container. the one in the container constantly chases around the pods trying to catch them which i guess is a good sign.

im not sure if the eggs hatched overnight or this afternoon but i guess its just a game of waiting and feeding now. also i was told by a friend who is an invert zooologist that baby brine shrimp provide lots of nutritious food for larve because they still contain a yoke but its the adults that are not nutritious... so should i also hatch some brine babies?

ive tried to take pictures of the little fellas but they are just too small. you can see a big mantle little tenticales, two big eyes and the chromataphores. and they are about as big as this * for the most part anyway ill keep yall updated

oh by the way this has only been about 3 weeks since the eggs were laid... so im still a little unprepared:roll:


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Well, congratulations! I guess you'll be busy over the next couple of days. If the hatching follows what we've seen in the past, it should take a while for all the eggs to hatch. So if you miss some in the beginning, you have more chances.

Good luck, and keep us posted!!


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