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Jan 31, 2004
hi ive read the articles n stuff but i need some advice on octo type tanks heater ECT ECT ive never kept marine animals before now should i do this before octo keeping!!!!!!! :goofysca:
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The best octo type is a bimaculoides, available from www.fishsupply.com .

Minimum tank size is 50 gallons, let it cycle for three months with a good filter, protein skimmer, and R/O water or and R/O filter.

Heaters don't need to be used, but it depends on where you live like here I need a heater in the winter and a chiller in the summer.

Octos were my first marine things too, only things before that were freshwater eels and rays, which I failed spectacularly at.
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Nick is right, we recommend 50 gallons tanks for Octopus bimaculoides which can be ordered at www.fishsupply.com where they are captive bred.

Always try to seal up as many openings as possible, even though bimacs are not escape prone, they might try to climb out,out of curiosity. If you have any other questions do ask.
while you set your tank up and let it mature you will be getting a bit of practise at keeping a marine aquarium (another reason why we suggest 3 months ) and during this time you will gain experience and confidence with your tank.

Anything specifically about heaters you need to know? just ask

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Don't forget to add a few mollies or other fish during the cycling process. Don't make the substrate too thick. The octo will constantly re-arrange the rockwork in your tank, if you do not want this to happen, youcan use superglue to glue them together.

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