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actually making progress in setup


Mar 13, 2008
Ok so i bought a 75 gallon oceanic tank; the stand, the overflow box, the plumbing a skimmer (bio balls too) and a pump or two. it was a sweet deal that i couldn't pass up. sooooo i have some pics. What i wanted to know is if i had everything set up right? i'd like to plumb a 20 long fuge into it as well and maybe put it...idk... somwhere? ... need some insight..


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can some one ID this skimmer? Is it worth setting up? how do i do it? I only thought it might since it came with bioballs and stuff. please help


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There should be an air pump that connects to a line that enters the skimmer at or near the bottom. The air pump should have a venturi on it (to adjust air intake) You can play with it and watch the foam to get it where you want it. You want the foam to rise into the collection cup on the top, but not any water. Too much air and it will flood the collection cup, not enough and it won't do its job.

Is this an "in-sump" or hang-on-back skimmer? Not sure what kind it is.
Oh yeah, and you can rig a hose on that drain coming out of the collection cup that will keep your collection cup from overfilling when you're not a round. A milk carton or bucket on the other end of the hose comes in handy.

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