achilles video(I think?)

her are a few more photos of achilles.Hope these are better.


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Octane's webbing is so thick and meaty that it looks like an extension of the head (almost like a body, so much so the diver thought she had no webbing - octobiology was not his major) and her arms appear short (until she is searching for crabs). She does not hold any one look for very long and can go from a similar orangish brown (with almost a fur look) to deep dark chocolate (almost black, not at all redish) to bright white with eye spots that glow deep purple blue. She will show spikey mostly in a dark brown and white mixed coloring (like her, "I'm a rock" photos). I am sure she is an adult so a juvenile may display differently. A couple things make me think she is not hummelincki (assuming Octane IS). The transparency of the webbing, Octane's is never transparent or translucent. The arm length compared to mantle length (Octane always looks "stubby") and the observation that Octane never spreads out against the glass. She keeps her arms close to her body except when searching for food and kind of creeps along the glass, sometimes in a herky-jerky motion that would make you think I was moving the camera if I tried to film the effect. Also, in your video, if the colors were true, Achillies looked purple, a color I have not seen on Octane (the tips of her arms and suckers are quite purple though) but have seen on Carol's pictures of Biddle (note her current avitar).
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