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Acclimating my mollies


Jul 11, 2003
i just bought six new mollies. 2 are black, 2 are dalmation, and 2 are gold.
I have been acclimating them in a bowl for 2 hours adding 1/4 cup (1/8 liter) every ten minuets. I just emasured the salinity of the water the fish are in and it is very low should i add them anyways??

Thanks in advanced.

p.s- when i went to my LFS and asked for 6 mollies and the guy was like "i thought u had a saltwater tank" and i told him "i do but i plan to make them marine" and the guy gave me a really weird look like i was crazy :bugout:


Aug 6, 2003
I just put four black mollies in my tank... was orginally 5. The first four acclimated using a bucket, an aerator, and a airline tube. I sat there manually squeezing the tube to slowly put saltwater from my tank into the freshwater they came with, and occasionally taking out a cup or two, over the course of about 4 hours. this may have been too fast, ive read it should take a day (or more!) and one of them died within the first day in my main tank. i replaced it with a new one that i acclimated in a similar way... i used a 5 gallon bucket of fresh mixed saltwater instead of my tankwater and this time i made a one drip-at-a-time siphon out of air tube with a bit of sponge stuck in it. i let this go overnight, about 14 hours total I think. I actually just put him in the tank before I went to work this morning so hopefully he'll be alive and makin' little mollies when I get home.
I don't know the rules, but I wouldn't put a fish in water that had a significantly different salinity than what it was in... aside from "dipping."
I hope this comes in time to help with your mollies!
ps- i got all kinds of looks from the girl at petsmart for putting them in saltwater, especially when i wanted to trade in one of the females they sold me for a male...


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
It's quite well known that mollies can quite quickly adapt from fresh to saltwater and viceversa... I have two mollies in my FW tank that have been in SW twice... I actually think they always look healthier in SW