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Acclimating a cold water octopus to warmer temps


Mar 4, 2003
I live in Beijing and found that I can purchase octopi locally from the seafood market. The ones they sell are destined for the evening dinner table so I decided to take a chance. Anyway, they are kept refrigerated tanks and are apparently a cold water variety.

I tried to acclimate one to a room temperature tank but found that after hours of verly, very slow progress that it suddenly went into convultionswith it's mantle elongating and the octopus going into shock and quickly perishing.

My question is: Does any one know how to sucessfully acclimate this kind of octopus to a warmer than normal temp?
Im afraid it probably cant be done.

There is a species in Scotland that I would like to keep in doors but without using my chiller it wouldnt be possible. Apparantly anything over 12 - 15 degrees would kill it.

Read back over previous posts regarding chillers. You may be able to get one to keep the octo.

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