A sobering question...

Ashes? Why not be more direct and skip cremation? I said yes.

I recall hearing something about humans and other beasties floating back up, and that the precautions to take to prevent this include puncturing the lungs and abdomen. Gruesome.

Mesonychoteuthis and others with sharp shredders and teeth would seem to have no trouble disposing of human flesh, but would we be palatable? Do they have parts that could be loosely analogous to palates?

im going to have one cell preserved (youve more chance of ressurection having one cell frozen than your entire bosy, as freezing entire body kills all cells and shatters DNA; one cell doesnt) and then im going to have my body thrown out of a plan over new york or tokyo.

what a satisfying way to be disposed of

I kid you not:

When I die, I have given instructions that my ashes are to be mixed into a concrete cylinder that could serve as an octopus habitat and sumberged at my favorite dive site, with the following poem engraved into it:

" Found at Sea "

If I should die beneath the sea --
What e'er the circumstance may be --
I only ask that you not cry
For such a lucky one as I.

But, rather, weep for those alive
Who know not what it is to dive
Into the planet's liquid heart
And of God's ocean be a part.

For even Christ must envy all
Who stroll along the ocean's wall;
Though wind and sea His will obeys,
He only walked upon the waves.

And may I ask for one thing more?
A simple cross beside the shore.
Below my name inscribe for me:
Lost to the earth, but found at sea.

Carson Ray... 1989

If you don't dive, learn to. Soon. The biggest tragedy of my life was that I waited 35 years to explore the oceans of the world, up close and personal. It's the most significant thing I have ever done.
I intend to go the ashes > aquatic route but had only thought about some favorite lakes so far; perhaps a portion ought to go out to the Big Blue as well. Hmmm... hope I've got a little time to mull this one over... :wink:
Some of mine I plan to be scattered at the resting place of my deceased girlfriend, the rest go to the ocean. My friends and family have explicit instructions!
I'd like my body to undergo "plastinization," and be placed in the Smithsonian alongside that institution's specimens of A. dux and T. Danae, providing the youth of future generations with a sobering reminder of what can happen when you spend too much time thinking about giant squid.

Nope. Keep walking. Staying out of this one.


Clem (pre-polymer)
I've thought about being turned into chum to feed the dosidicus in the Sea of Cortez. They're so darned cute.
I voted to opt for the ocean but with the following addendum: I made a pact with my boyfriend, Taco the Octopus Chef Guy that when the time comes, we will die together. He suggested it when I told him that I get cold easily. When I sought to protest, he said, "Nothing like eight arms to hold you when your warm blood stops, darlin'."

atticus finch :cool2:
Yep, and he toild me on his interview that he was a elpful person, last time I was buying my groceries, he offered me a hand..hand..hand..hand..hand..hand..but he didn't go far because he was suppose to buy a new bucket. :lol:

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