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Nov 20, 2002
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Hi all,

Since it's almost Christmas, I thought I'd mention my favorite ceph book. If you need a nice present for yourself, consider Cephalopods, A World Guide, by Mark Norman. Here is a review of the book:


It makes reading the posts on TONMO.com more interesting because you can look up the pic of the ceph in question. Lots of wonderful photos of octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses.

If you don't have this book, consider getting it. Amazon carries it but I bought my copy at www.seachallengers.com - take a peek at their other books related to the ocean and its inhabitants, too.

Couldn't agree more Nancy. The book is definitely worth getting hold of; the photographs are fantastic and are nice quality all printed on glossy paper. I've found it invaluable since becoming a moderator on this site and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in cephs. The style is journalistic including a photo and brief anatomical description of many of the most well known species with a dozen or so essays thrown in on cephalopod behaviour. Not a serious academic study book, but great for the casual enthusiast.

Since then I have obtained four others in the IKAN series and can recommend all of them as they are all of an equal quality:

Crustacea: Guide of the World by Helmut Debelius
Mediterranean and Atlantic Fish Guide by Helmut Debelius
Sharks & Rays Elasmobranch Guide of the World by Ralf Hennemann
Whales & Dolphins Cetacean World Guide by Ralf Keifner

None are particularly cheap but as soon as one opens them, one will realise they are all money well spent.

i have to admit it is on my list..... on amazon they were offering a two book bundle of norman's book with ceph behavior by (i think) hanlon.....
i have about half a dozen of the IKAN books and quite like them, but its worth noting that there are no points of info on their husbandry just in case that was a reason for buying them.
Got the book yesterday, and what an excellent book but.....I don't think G2 is what we thought he was. Need to look through again, but the filosus's blue ring is different and wasn't that what we had thought he was????

Now that you have the book (and since you've kept so many different species of octo, you certainly need this book!) - what species do you think G2 is?

Hi Nancy!

Know what I'm thinking? As I'm looking through the book, the Octopus Bimaculoides looks like G2's eyespot. Maybe the store was wrong on the location. But G2 has yellow in the center, so now I'm not sure.....He does have the chain of color but the yellow in the center throws me off.... Hmmmmm.....
Could just be a regional variation? or bimaculatus with a slighty obscure eyespot?

One thing about the book is that it only has one pic per species in most cases, and as you know, they can change shape and colour quite easily... the pic of filosus in CAWG is one that is swimming and looks strange due to that.

I got help IDing my filosus in 2002 by a guy who had recently posted on CephList when that still existed that he had wrote a paper on them... And your octo does look similar to the one i had. Having said that, its never 100% and shop misIDing an octo is nothing new :smile:

oh well LOL

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