A Jurassic Marine Reptile with your name on it ? (cephs too)

No sweat Phil, just the messenger :biggrin2:
hmm.. pinch of salt with what is reported methinks, my fave spot (you know where) is rated "duff" but Charmouth has sunshine pouring from it's bot ! :thumbsdo: but then Mary came from Charmouth
The crumbly stuff from under Golden Cap could be all that's left after the commercial harvesters have plundered the DFZ :frown:
Also, one person's pride & joy could be rated as cack by a fossil snob :roll:

Keep it to yourself but Mrs. Bellbottom recently received a Luverly-Regis
brochurrrrrrrrre :thumbsup: Seems she thinks I may pine over the loss of this venue when we vacate l'Angleterre so may get a week for a last hoorah.
You bring the Scrumpy Jack,
Kevin can bring his BFH & maybe :oshea: the DJ SOS would like to come along & treat us to some of his pumpin' tunes ?
Kevin, do you really think I'd make you pay excess baggage on you BFH ?
If I didn't know you better I'd be quite miffed :frown:
My collection goes to 14lb & I'd be honoured for you to swing it :notworth: (Phil would be on chisel holding duty)

All I can say about the Monkees (in the words of King George III) is HEY HEY ! :band: & the Purp are/were a class act aussi apart from SOTW which pains me so much I can't even type the title.
Viva Ian Gillan
Viva Jon Lord
Viva vauxhall
& Viva Roger Whittaker who I believe featured "on lips" as he accompanied Ian Paice in the 14 hour drum solo on "The Mule" whilst live in Japan.
15 members of the audience almost drowned in Roger's spittle as he filled the mosh pit :yuck:

:usa: you're more than welcome :unionjac:

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