A Contact for Steve O'Shea

Matt Watson

Jun 4, 2004
Hi Guys my name is Matt Watson and I got in touch with Steve the other day by PM after I tracked him down at this site. THe Reason I got in touch with Steve is I had a marlin we had hooked attacked by what to us seemed to be a giant squid. I spoke to Steve on the phone and arranged to have some of the marlin remains sent down to him. The trouble is I never got his phone number off him and the marlin pieces are in transit now and I need to confirm the drop off place.

So If some one could kindly send me a contact for Steve via PM as he hasn't responded to the 2nd PM I sent him


Hello Matt, and :welcome: to Tonmo!

I found this information at the CephBase:
steve.oshea @ aut.ac.nz
Address: Earth & Oceanic Sciences Research Institute, Auckland University of Technology, Private Bag 92006 Auckland, NZ
Phone: 64-9-917-9999 extn 8244
Fax: 64-9-917-9973

Link: http://www.cephbase.utmb.edu/dirdb/dirdb2.cfm?DirID=191

However, this information was for two years ago, and I think it likely he is no longer there. Perhaps they could direct you to a new means of contacting him.

Did you see the creature, or just injuries that may have been cause by one?



:grad: details correct (all other details, as in home phone numbers, addresses etc. strictly unlisted (as I get too many late night calls ... and abuse from people)).

Sorry Matt.
Ah yes...the elusive Dr. SOS...man of mystery !
Welcome to Tonmo, Matt !
(most of his abuse comes from us...can't resist :biggrin2: )

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