A Bad Day for this Shark


Nov 6, 2004
So I recently went to see the white shark at Monterrey Bay Aquarium and I was telling my boss (a diver who can't decide whether he would want to see a white shark on one of his dives or not) about it. For whatever reason, he was reminded of this PBS special on Octopuses (Octopi?) where they did a brief story on how sharks kept disappearing from their tank in this aquarium (Seattle I think). Guess what was happening to them. The link to the video is below. It's in RealPlayer format and not very high quality, but it's still pretty amazing. I'm sure a lot of you have seen it before, but I haven't tired of it yet. It has sort of made me want to research these guys a little and maybe some day try and keep one. (Don't worry, I know what I need to learn and practice before I do that.) Anyway, hope you enjoy it:

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:welcome: PurpleTentacle

Interesting video. I've pulled shark skin out of squid guts before.......so I guess cephs will eat ANYTHING!!!!!

you've come to the right place to learn about cephs!!! For the keeping of octis Colin and Nancy have oooooodles of info!!!

:welcome: That's a great clip! I remember seeing this on a program. I like what they say about "new meaning to "Top Predator"!!!Pretty amazing!

Welcome to Tonmo! Food is food, I guess...hope the ceph wasn't pregnant!!!! :biggrin2:
Melissa said:
Welcome, Purple Tentacle!

I'm very curious to know more about your work, and I know I'm not the only one.


Thank you, everyone. I hope I didn't give the impression that I have an exciting job. I am but a lowly computer/network support tech for the Psychology Department at UCSB. My boss dives for fun, but is well on his way to becoming a professional scuba instructor. I like to spend my free time above the water on my sailboat. At this point we are both just hobbyists who love the ocean, though we our both disgruntled enough with our jobs that we may attempt a career change at some point. :smile:

If, however, you meant you want to know about my work toward my eventual goal of keeping an octopus, I will most likely be keeping a blog once I get started, and I'm bound to have hundreds of questions to post. But before any of that happens, I need to figure out where I'm going to put a tank, and do a lot of reading.
im on a computer at work right now but if its a spiny dogfish getting attacked by a GPO, i just saw that clip the other weekend...
WhiteKiboko said:
im on a computer at work right now but if its a spiny dogfish getting attacked by a GPO, i just saw that clip the other weekend...

It does look like a spiny dogfish, at least, it looks like a picture of what another web site called a spiny dogfish. What's a GPO? I bet the "O" stands for Octopus, huh? :smile:

Hmmm.... Giant Pacific Octopus? I feel dumb asking this.

that has to be the coolest thing I ever saw.

do these people not do the research about what octo's eat?
Amazing how they never thought about the octo eating anything.
i just began looking into octo behavior, physiology, etc. and that video was the first one i watched. unbelievable--the shark never had a chance.
What I really like about that video is the fact that the octo seems to know exactly where to grab the shark to hold it's gills closed, as if this is a behavior it already knew on the "outside". Yes, by the way, that was in the Open Sound exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium.


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