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a 30gal tank

Well, is there a chance you could bump that up to a 40 wide or a 50 standard? 'cause a bimac from octopets would be perfect for you! bimacs are going to like to roam a bit, and a 30 is just a little too small for them...
Yeah a 30 gallon probably be OK, but if you really want to see a happy octopus 50 gallon is the way to go! :wink: But then again, I haven't had one yet, so what would I know. lol
Speaking of a 30 gallon, I just got a used acrylic tank and I'm not sure what the capacity is. The tank measures 36"L x 15"W x 16"H. Is this too small for a Bimac? It would be nic to use an acrylic tank beacuse I could drill for bulk heads on the back wall, and it would be easier to make it escape proof.
WOW... That was odd, I was just at that site and did the calculation. Then I came back to look for a response... WIERD...

That's still a bit small then, huh????
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