6 Weeks for Inklet


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I just looked back and see Inklet arrived on Feb 24. He has tripled his size easily!!! When I look at his arrival picture, I remember he was the same size as Lil Pumpkin at that point! His growth is absolutely amazing! We may have an Ollie following in size here!!!

Tonight, I gave him 1/2 of a large green crab I had left over from Ink. I cut the crab in 1/2 with scissors, as it was too big to give him whole and I was afraid he might get injured. He has been happily dining for about an hour now!

The shell he now resides in is 5" x 3". It's not going to be long before he outgrows that also!

My son was over before he left for Colorado and he was amazed at the determination Inklet has in trying to "catch our fingers through the glass. He chases them for a good 15 minutes and I'm sure would continue if we didn't tire out!!! His newest game is climbing the plastic plants. I have also seen him fiddling with the powerhead on the protein skimmer but so far he hasn't been able to disconnect it like Ink did.
Great pics, as usual.

Inklet does look a lot larger, he must be growing fast! It's hard to believe you've had him only 6 weeks. Seems like much longer. It's fun to watch him grow.

'The Wiggles'

need to remember that for the next time someone asks :wink:

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