Feb 27, 2003
Being in Tx there isnt many LFS that have octos. I found this comp. here on tonmo. I must say that this has been the best experience i have had with a Merchant!!!
Not only was there alot of contact, but I was informed from the moment Jetta was caught to being flown off, then when she arrived i was called for P/U. She was in the bag less than 8 hrs when i got her. Also i have recvd follow up calls on her progress everyday since. If you live in the Dallas area this is a great company, they will even delivery to your door for a small fee. They also carry fish and whatever you need for your SW tanks.
She can even get me what i need in the event Jetta lays eggs and they hatch for the babies to eat. All within 24 hrs.

Sorry to ramble but i had such a great exp. with this comp. :smile:
Yeah I thought it strange to. But the service and communication was outstanding. Still if i wanted frags or fish i would really like to see them in person before i buy. With the octo, most suppliers dont let you see them when ordering online anyway so it was just like the others in that aspect.

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