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30 gallon


Nov 9, 2005
Hi I'm new to all this. I have a (2) 55 gallon reef tanks, 1 empty 60 gallon no lid or anything just blank tank. and 1 30 gallong reef/kinda empty-but lots of coral right now,not too many fish. Anyways was curious,been thinking about getting a small octo pretty soon, was wondering if anyone knows if there is an octo that will do just fine all its life in a 30 g?? Thanks

Glad you found us ! Captive bred (in cali,yet) bimacs seem to be doing really well for a lot of Tonmo'ers, and that empty 60 would be perfect ! The 30 would work for dwarf octos, but no one (yet) is producing them in captivity, and they are only seasonally available.
Be sure to read all of the articles under the Ceph Care tab...invaluable information !

thnks for the reply greg,ill probably use that 60 g since theres no dwarfs i can get at this time. whats the pros and con of keeping an octo?
Far too many to list in one post...suffice to say: once you have kept a ceph successfully, you will have a hard time being entranced by anything else!
If your using that 60g. you need to give it time to mature (many recomend 3 months), but you probly already know this :nyah:

Octos produce 3 times more waste then any fish their size, and octos tend to grow quite large, depending on your species, well at least compared to a fish.

yeah thanks,i was going to use already cured sand and rocks,but thats going to put a big dent in the place im taking the sand from(pet shop).
Any ideas what will be quick? i know i can get at least cured rock.
I would imagine that if you set up the tank now, you should be able to introduce an octo early on next year...depending on the availability of the octopus (they aren't available year round...spring is a good season for them ).

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