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25 Gal. Cuttlefish Tank, What else?

Jan 30, 2008
Just put a 25 gallon TRUVU Aquasytem on order when i went to work today. I wanted to run a list of what i am planning on setting up

1. 25 Gal. tank
2. AquaC Remora Skimmer
3. Heater (correct wattage of course)
4. Hydro Koralia 1 (would this be okay for a cuttle)
5. return pump Maxi jet 900 or 1200
6. 25-30 lbs of LR
7. 30 lbs of LS

I know there is something i am missing! :hmm:

Comments and critizism helpful!!!!!
The big problem is actually the cuttlebone. One collision with the glass wall and ....dead. Larger tanks give you a better chance of having them stay ok.(but I agree with Cuttlegirl, larger tanks rule)
One option you can do is to stack the rock around the edges of the aquarium, rather than in the middle, it will give the cuttle some spatial reference points.
Between Cuttlegirl and Thales, you have the experten of cuttles (especially bandensis) !
Yeah I have read all of their articles and they have so much helpful information!
I have a quick question. When do Bandensis hatchlings and eggs become available?
Cuttlegirl - I just wanted to adress you last comment, I will try to structure the rock so that it giver the little guy plenty of room to swim around without hurting himself. Also i will be running a skimmer that is supposed to be used for much larger tanks (AquaC Remora Pro) which i believe will be very sufficent in skimming (as experinced on very packed reef tanks).
L8 2 RISE;110170 said:
as for your "shopping list", Live sand is not necessary and is just a waste of money, just get normal sand, then use live rock to seed it

Yeah i was going to just take some sand out of an existing tank and use that to help seed my sand as well. I am very excited about this whole thing and have found a person (my boss's friend) that has access to Sepia Bandensis. :cuttle:
Ok well i have setup my tank and have started the cycle, i only have 10-15 lb of LR in display and was planing on stuffing the refugium full of LR rubble. I am going to arrrange the rock along the sides of the aquarium leaving a nice little sand bed for him/her to play around in, I have a question about the return pump; should it be a strong return or a little on the lighter side, and do i need to block the return nozzle as well?

And when i stack the rock should i stack it to the very top of the water so that it stop the cuttle from hiting the walls? There is so much to do for these little guys it is very exhausting!

Any critisim or comments help!
Octavarium;112477 said:
Do they really hit walls and die that easily? I have never heard of this in my research until this thread. Im contemplating one banensis in a 29, which is why I ask.

They sometimes do hit or rub against walls, and sometimes get "butt burn" or other skin lesions. Sometimes, this is just cosmetic, but it can lead to infections. Cylindrical, and to a lesser extent bowfront, tanks seem to reduce this, but it's also sometimes not a problem in plain old rectangular tanks... it's just one more reason why it's nice to give them extra room, though...
I put more rock in and have built it up around the sides, i still need a little more rock. I will try to post some pics as soon as i can but i have to find my camera first :P
I am really getting excited about this whole thing it is going to be so hard to wait 3 months for it to be stable enough for that little guy!

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