2 Weeks Sunday for Eureka


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I forget how long this baby hiding stage lasts. The past few days I haven't even seen an arm poking out. Tonight I was getting a little worried as the last time I put hermit crabs in was several days ago and I only put in 2. Tonight, I spied an arm and upon closer inspection, he's sitting in a shadowed spot watching us for how long, could have been hours! Very secretive. I'm wondering if this is a nocturnal species and I'm still not possative on what he is. So once found out he retreated back into his den. I'm hoping he'll soon start to figure out I'm the Food God!

Lol, which reminds me I have to get to that dog beach soon. I thought the octopus hiding stage only lasted for 1 week, but I guess it really depends on species. Mine...which iv had for almost a full week is now staying by its den, but half-way revealed most of the time. It just started doing that today and before...it would just be in its den not visible.
Of course, he could be watching you during the day and you don't see him. Ollie, a bimac I kept, had a very long baby hiding stage - and I don't believe she was as young as yours. She wasn't sociable for some time. There's quite a bit of variety in the baby hiding stage and no matter how many octopuses we keep, we all still find it a difficult period (for us humans, not the octos!).


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