2 briarius

Feb 24, 2005
well i got 2 briarius in about an hour ago began dripping them. one of them decided to ink while in the bag and no lie died like 2 minutes after while i was trying to get him clean water. the other is now in the tank and is not looking too good... im sick and tired of stupid people that work at shipping companies not getting packages to me on time. this it like the third time in a row this has happened and every time it results in death for the octo. if i cant save this one i dont know what im going to do.
the last one i got in that died did the same thing he is so im not sure... i might have to try something else next time if he doesnt make it... maybe a cuttle or something cause this will be like number 4 for me within a year that has died shortly after arrival
Keeping fingers crossed!!! Ink, one of my favorite octos I had arrived as you say, very stressed. I ended up putting the bag in the tank after dripping for more than 2 hours, and then cut away the bag from him so as not to add additional stress. Good luck!
well octo 2 died this morning... man i feel like i have a touch of death... this is getting to be rediculous. anyone have any suggestions? i got them in after they were 5 hours late to the airport. they boxes they were in had been dropped and broken so they had been shaken up pretty bad. once i got them home i opened their bags and began the drip process. halfway through the big one decided to randomly ink...alot... so i quickly had to pour the majority of the water out of his bag and half of the water from the other ones bag into his... im sure this didnt add to the stress level. then i continued to drip for a overall time of like and hour. the big one ended up dying like 10 minutes after he inked. the small one went into like a stiff im playing dead state for a while and then i put the bag in the tank and thats where it went down hill. he stayed on the bag for about an hour then slipped to the bottom where he didnt move until his death. turned pale within 2 hours then died in the morning. so that makes 3 octopus in one month that have died just after arrival. in both cases i had perfect water peramiters in the tanks. no nitrates nitrites or ammonia, ph 8.3, sal of 1.23 and the tank has been set up now for over 2 years as a reef tank. the temp is 79 and i dont know what keeps going wrong. help me...:sad:
I think its time to write an angry letter. becouse of the carelessness of the employees they murdered 3 octos. what shipping comany is it so i know to avoid them? RIP octo 1 and octo 2

well the first few screw ups were through dhl... the last 2 times it has been through delta cargo. they have changed what they call "first class priority" to something else but didnt tell the costomers since they did it last year and so basically priority is now "if there is room" which means if there isnt any room on the plane or truck they just throw it in a warehouse somewhere till someone finds it and says "hey what is that funny smell immenating from this box... maybe we should see where it goes to but lets kick it a few times first!"
well see my friend owns the fish store in sumter (30 minutes away) he is ordering the octos from his distributor in florida i think. they come into the columbia airport overnight and usually drive to sumter to pick them up when they arrive there. last time though i just met him at the airport and got them out the boxes there and transferred them to my cooler so that the travel time was about an hour less than it would have been. personally though after these past few shipments that they have done this to him on i would just make the distributor fed ex and pay the absured shipping cost for 6 big boxes of fish
One of the things that most books,websites, and magazines dont mention is that failer is essential to success in the saltwater hobby.
It may not me the shipping company it could be the distributor. Maby buying from someone else would be a good idea... I now your frustrated but its not your fault.

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