1. Oakes_903

    Entertainment ideas?

    Hey everyone, I’ve had my mimic octo for a few weeks now and he’s been doing great, he is currently only eating frozen krill and silversides. He hasn’t tried eating my two Chromis fish or clown at all! And he’s been interested in a few of my red and blue leg crabs but hasn’t eaten any of them...
  2. Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)

    Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)

    By Carol Sauer (corw314) Editor's Note: Carol created this article for Jersey Pets Magazine (Editor: Lisa A. Kelley). Lisa's Website can be visited at www.jerseypetsmagazine.com. The article is slated to be published in their Jan/Feb issue. Thanks to Jersey Pets Magazine for spreading the good...
  3. joefish84

    my octo plays basket ball what does yours play?

    one game.... NBA jam... octopus player code... HE'S WARMING UP!!! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!! HE'S ON FIRE!!!