Colin's Cuttlefish and Octopus Photos

by Colin Dunlop - 2004

Ever since I became interested in keeping cephalopods as pets I have tried very hard to help out other people as much as I can. This has included answering questions on message boards and posting pictures wherever possible.

My original site, soon to be discontinued, was such an area for me to post pics of my cephalopod pets. By moving my site to I aim to set up an area which will strive to answer lots of commonly asked questions regarding cephalopod ID, husbandry and any other bits of information that comes up in the future.

Feel free to offer comments, contributions and suggestions via direct message: @Colin.


Sepia officinalis - The common cuttlefish


A cuttlefish may be kept with some other invertebrates, seen here sitting on a colony of Xenia Coral.


Some species of octopus will become so trusting they will feed from your hand.


Markings like the blue "eyespots" in this picture are helpful in the identification of a species (this is a Octopus filosus).
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Mar 9, 2004
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Colin is a Countryside Ranger with a background in Applied Biological Sciences and joined the staff in March 2002. Based in one of the UK's largest country parks he is responsible for the care, conservation and management of many natural waterways, woodlands, bogs and forests across Lanarkshire. He is a published author on cephalopods and experienced in keeping them in the home; this includes cuttlefish and octopuses, and has advanced diplomas in both ‘Fish Biology & Fish Health’ and ‘Water Quality & Filtration’. Colin is a licensed amphibian worker and currently lives just South of Glasgow, Scotland.


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