Classic TONMO Cephalopod Videos

Member-submitted videos from the earlier days of TONMO

Videos may not be reproduced without permission.. Sorry, them's the rules... These clips were graciously contributed and intended for this site only. If you have questions, drop me a line.

Click link to play video clip:

9/25/06 - Broad Squid Videos (2), by Kat Bolstad
5meg .mov file / 6meg .mov file

9/21/06 - Belemnites 101, by Phil Eyden
17meg .mpg file / discuss

7/26/06 - Video from Tako Poke of his pet octo.
3meg .wmv file / discuss

5/24/06 - Video of Ossie exploring her tank. Thanks Akyu!
4meg .mov file / discuss

12/11/05 - The following video of Egor was contributed by Carol (corw314).
1 meg .wmv file -- but it is 3 Minutes and 5 seconds long! Nice work with compression, Carol! / discuss

11/28/05 - member Thales (Richard Ross) has contributed the following videos to (they link directly to the files that are hosted on his Webserver):

NOTE: THESE VIDEOS ARE AMAZING (and large! :smile: You will need Quicktime to view these):

Cuttlefish video 1

Cuttlefish video 2

Cuttlefish video 3

Cuttlefish video 4

Cuttlefish video 5

Cuttlefish video 6
- The following video was contributed by Henry. Per Henry, “I would like to contribute this video of my cuttlefish (8cm Sepia officinalis) killing a crab it has just caught”.

Cuttle eating a crab -- 3 meg .mov file

The following video from shunt1 shows the unfortunate demise of a cuttlefish at the hands of a puffer fish. Per shunt1, The Cuttle was large enough that I did not think that it would be a problem for these two to live with each other. To my horror, this is what I captured on video. That Puffer was almost served for dinner tonight! -- Steve (shunt1)

Cuttle's last moment -- 1 meg .wmv file
Thanks to Jean for sharing this clip of Hannibal, considering the possibility of sweet escape.

Hannibal -- 5 meg .AVI file
Two videos to share from our community folks:

1) G2 -- 710kb
Thanks Carol!

2) Jebidiah -- 7megs (large!!)
Please note -- explicit language on this one...
Thanks Dr. Frye!

Thanks to rc for sharing this clip of his octo Spot, taken within a couple of hours before Spot passed on.

Spot's Final Moments -- 1 meg .MOV file

Here's a great video sent in by Carol Sauer showing her bimac Inklet actually biting her daughter! Ouch. You won't want to miss Carol's evil laugh on this... :biggrin2:

Inklet strikes -- 2 megs

Thanks Carol!! (and sorry it took so long to post!)
Bimac videos from member Crevalle:

Clip 1- 5 megs

Clip 2- 2 megs

Clip 3- 3 megs

Thanks Crevalle!!
Thanks to Carol Sauer for submitting these videos of Lil' Pumpkin! Click to download:

Lil' Pumpkin Swimming

Lil' Pumpkin 2

Thanks to Genessisie for providing this one, ages ago...


It is a HUGE 10mb file. But pretty funny (sorry about the expletive that ensues)... :smile: Lesson learned: don't try tug of war w/ your octo, you will lose.
Thanks joel_ang for another great video contribution!

Wasabe the Cuttlefish conquering a crab - (.mpg format, ~1.9mb) / discuss
Turn up your speakers, here's a delightful video submitted by member dbbga of her octopus. The file is in .WMV format.

dbbga's video - 504kb
The Moog has provided video footage of the nautilus tank from her visit to the Shedd in Chicago. Thanks for the contribution!

Nautilus video - 2mb .MOV file member joel_ang contributes this video of his cuttlefish, taken on May 15, 2003.

Click image to play video (500k):

cuttlefish video member joel_ang has submitted this great video of his cuttlefish stalking and easily conquering a not-too-alert little fish. True to being a cephalopod, notice how the cuttle flashes a pattern as it snatches its meal (see snapshot below).

Click image to play video (1 megabyte):

Jason's Video Clip -- Jason Scott has provided this ~680k, 3-second clip of his octopus pouncing on some food. Thanks Jason!

Here's a merry octopus eating a not-so-merry crawfish. This video was sent by GeneSissie.


Baby O. bimaculoides

Baby O. bimaculoides (about 9 weeks old) pouncing on a big red leg hermit crab. Donated to by Rudiger. THANKS!

male sepia -- A.J. Fennell's Octopus vulgaris. 485kb; 5 seconds.

male sepia -- A.J. Fennell's Octopus vulgaris. 945kb; 10.4 seconds.

Schmunkel98's Octopus Eating Shrimp -- Great shot of Schmunkel98's octopus eating a shrimp he put at the end of some airline tubing. [14 seconds; 948k]

vulgaris shedding -- O. vulgaris shedding and cleaning. [6 seconds; 1,577k]

OctoMonkey's Video Clip #1 -- Cuttlefish chasing a goldfish. [352k]

OctoMonkey's Video Clip #2 -- Cuttlefish eating that goldfish. [352k]

OctoMonkey's Video Clip #3 -- How much is that cuttle in the window? [923k]

OctoMonkey's Video Clip #4 -- What are YOU lookin' at? [923k]
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