Zoidberg passed on


May 15, 2003
Sadly zoidberg passed away just 5 mins (was removed 1 min after :bonk:) ago after squirting the biggest load of ink :cry: . I was thinking that maybe he was an adult male S.esculenta and had come to the end of its natural lifespan.
Should I change the water or should just I let the filter and protein skimmer do the work.
Sorry to hear about Zoidberg - I guess this wasn't too much of a surprise. From what you've said before, it looks like you might be getting another cuttlefish soon.

I've leave the water question for someone who has kept cuttlefish.

I'm also sorry to hear about zoidberg. I enjoyed the videos and appreciate you sharing them. Keep us posted on your dealings with cephs, from what I gather I'm sure you'll continue your ceph care hobby.
Hi Joe, sorry to hear that

When my last cuttle died it left a 200 gal system as black as an oil slick that too a four foot high skimmer 3 or 4 days to remove it all! Eventually I stripped the tank down completly.

Before putting anything in a good stir of the gravel and a 50 - 75 % water change wouldn't go amiss.. maybe enough to bring down any nitrates etc.

Remember the tank will go through a mini cycle though, so keep and eye on it before adding a new ceph
Hi Joel,

Sorry to hear about your cuttlefish, but I'm sure your next pet cuttle would benefit from the experience you had with Zoidberg.


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