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zeus not doing well...


Jun 4, 2003
hi everyone,
zeus has been hiding and hasn't really eaten for the last three days..which doesn't fit his habits or pattern at all.. he was extremely friendly and gregarious with a great appetite!

i checked the levels but they are still really wonky from the bacter vital..i stopped using it about 2 weeks ago...when i do the multiplys they are all under 0...the salinity is at 1.026...(we use real pacific sea water) is that too high? i know that the ideal is 1.025...

we have been doing small water changes every coupla days due to the tank and its equipment...is it safe to do small water changes, i would say 10% or even less, every day?

our 30 gallon tank won't be ready for him until the middle of next week...i'm just wondering if there is anything we can do for him...

he is just a little lump behind the rocks...he hasn't really been too pale....its hard to tell because of his camoflauge..he goes from the white of the sand to the black of the back of the tank...however we did notice his mantle looking a bit different at the beginning of the week...looked very defined vs. rounded like before...like the three valves at top looked defined and then the bottom part stands out...

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