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May 30, 2000
After many years, I've finally enabled the Reputation function for our forum system.

Look at the little green dot right under my username. That's my reputation. Hover on it - that's the description of my reputation. You all have one (so long as you're a public poster).

In order to give someone reputation (positive or negative), you must be a TONMO Supporter (as such, you must now also be a Supporter to "like" a post). When you give someone Reputation (click the "star" icon below any post) you can choose to give anyone positive or negative reputation, along with a comment for the reason why. You can see your own reputation and comments by others on your member profile page. You can only give up to 5 reputation clicks per day, and you can't give reputation points to the same person more than once per day.

What are the reputation levels?
I'm open to input on this:
User sleeps with Cthulhu-999999
User is in Cthulhu's crosshairs-50
User has caught Cthulhu's attention-10
User is floating in the open water column0
User is known as a merry little cuttlefish10
User has a nice den shell collection50
User squirts lovely plumes of ink150
User is bioluminescent250
User is a master of mimicry500
User accurately predicts soccer matches1000
User is a cephalopod's best friend2000

What controls my reputation?
There are many factors. You get 5 points just for registering. When someone clicks to give you reputation (by clicking the sheriff badge icon), the more "powerful" they are (more on this below), the more weighty their judgement. So someone who is a highly "powerful" member giving you positive or negative rep means a lot more to you than a more junior Supporter doing the same.

You also get positive reputation when someone "likes" your post.

Your "power" is also determined by many factors, including number of days you've been registered on TONMO, number of posts, and your own reputation.

In addition to being a Supporter, you must have at least 5 posts and 10 reputation points in order to give anyone else reputation.
Here's what I think:



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I can't tell whether "hope you feel better" is appropriate, or "I'll have what he's having." In any case, I gave you some rep via a "like". Hope it helps!

Happy New Year Mr. Clem.
Oh, that? That's from last year when I was tested for sleep apnea, which I tested positive for, largely because I was supposed to sleep in a medical facility with a mile of wires glued to me. Turns out that wearing pajamas was as effective as being made to breathe like Darth Vader all night. I'm not making this up. Pjs are important.

Happy New Year, Mr. Morelli.

Thales;185665 said:
For each TONMOCON attended! :biggrin2:

OK, I've now done this for Staff, and just a few others who came to mind (purpletentacle +400, monty +400, whitekiboko +300, ieatfalafel +100, steve o'shea +100).

Have you attended TONMOCON(s) and want to get your +100 for each? Shoot me a PM and claim it!

Terri, I gave you +100 for winning the Montys :smile:

Oh, and Clem... +0 :indiffer:
I think Clem should get at least -100, for posting the picture of himself attached to miles of wiring, reading about Folkart, whilst wearing pajamas....:goofysca:
Aw, CG, but the glass is half full! The only one *not* attributable to a cuttlefish from the list below is predicting soccer matches.

User squirts lovely plumes of ink 150
User is bioluminescent 250
User is a master of mimicry 500
User accurately predicts soccer matches 1000
User is a cephalopod's best friend 2000

That said - give me a line and I'll slot it in up there. :smile:

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