WWF-Canada: By catch of the east coast

Feb 5, 2003

Hello Everyone,

Clicked on this link in the morning and figured I'd help spread the word here. I'm currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia (east coast of Canada) and really feel like doing something to help out the situation. And here is my start. Unfortunately this situation is not unique to the Grand Banks but appears pandemic throughout the worlds oceans. The facts provided by the website are by no means new information, but its always worth while to be reminded about whats going on out there. I hope that you'll sign the petition and give support to WWF and other conservation organizations. Definitely worth the money. I wonder if as a community (TONMO) we could do something, ie: raise awareness or simply funds. Don't really know if Tony wants to get involved with that, but I thought I'd just put that down incase someone out there does.

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