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Worst case scenario for your fishs food


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2003
I would like to start alittle topic going on the most dangerious predator when it comes to there food. Now ive seen a variety of deaths. Some intenses cuttlefish eating(most recent), my puffer sucking down two yellow head jawfish($13 each) Poor guys they where in such pain. Figure eight puffer ripping apart a ghost shrimp and a huma huma eating the same one at the same time. So lets share storys of fish, ceph's, ect eating live food and how they hunted them. Here is my vote:

I owned 6 wild caught seahorse for a couple months. They only eat ghost. I would dump 12 in at a time. Once one see one ghost shrimp the hunt was on. They shrimp couldn't hide for nothing. All of the seahorses took off hunting there prey. They moved in slowly as not to scare them. Once they where in position and when the ghost shrimp did suspect anything odd the seahorse shot there snout forward and with one powerful suck the sucked the ghost shrimp down in a blink of an eye. There suck is so powerful you can here a click on the outside of the tank. The ghost shrimp would be disenigrated in a second and down to the seahorses stomach. Its an amazing scene to watch and there mean creatures when it comes to food.

Cant wait to here your story
Have you ever seen a hungry Octo :?:
Mine catches approx 100 live shrimps in a two or three minutes, then looks for dessert!
It stores them with in it's webs until it has caught every last one. Once it's sure there are none left it will settle down to eat them.
I assume that these shrimps are still alive for the short time they are kept within the webs. There is no escape for the poor little shrimps, before being bitten by it's powerful beak and ground down by it's radula.
What a way to go.

Hermin is a glutten when it comes to escargo!!! I can put 5 to 10 snails in and he will grab all of them and then go off to a corner and dine. He looks really lumpy!! The other thing he does, if he's not starving he will go the long way around the tank to catch a crab. It's almost like he intentionally misses it so he can pull a sneak attack!

:smile: Carol
Last night while watching TV we could hear a funny noise... in fact, a scarey noise, it kinda sounded a lot like if you flick your finger nail off a wine glass.... which is real bad to hear a noise like cracking glass when your living room has two large fishtanks!

Took me a min or two to realise what it was and eventually it turned out to be the mantis shrimp that i got last week! It has found a small snail in its own tank and was holding it and from time to time hitting it with its clubs to smash it open! What a bizzare noise and I'm just glad it wasnt my fingers!


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