worried about my new baby

The website says that Octopets only guarantees live arrival, and even then you only get a store credit for the retail price and you have to pay for shipping again.

Even though he is selling "as is," this has been a particularly rough experience for you -- two in a row -- maybe if you called him he could meet you half way on the next one.

Hi DC, Sorry to hear about your wee octo :sad: :cry:

The bubbler may be the problem. If they get bubbles in the mantle cavity it can be fatal. Given that your wee one was showing a suicidal tendency to play in the bubbles......:cry:

We don't even have airlifts (like we do in the other tanks in the aq) in the octi tank, although they should be less of a problem as the bubbles go directly to the surface of the tank.

I don't know your tank set up but if you can get a cannister filter or fluvial or something of that type it should be able to oxygenate the water without a bubbler.

What do others use????

You may just have a point there Jean -- My tank is super-bubbly, I had hoped that it would put extra oxygen into the water as I had read that could be a problem sometimes. I guess I will re-configure before I try again, thanks for the input :tentacle:
Sorry for your loss :frown:

Im sorry to hear about the death of your octo! I just received mine from octopets a few days ago and he seems to be ok, he was pretty active at first and now I rarely see him, I have tried to feed him but dont know if he's even eating, I know he's alive. He's about the size of a quarter, what can I feed him?? Any ideas anyone??? Please help.
Hi Art,

Glad your octo is OK so far. You can feed the clams from Octopets, if you bought them. If not, try small hermit crabs, snails, pieces of thawed frozen shrimp or pieces of fresh scallop.

If you have a mature tank, it will have lots of amphipods and it may be eating these.

It's not unusual for an octo to be active on arrival and then disappear for a time.

When you figure out a name for him, let me know and I'll add him to the list of Bimac Siblings (first thread in this forum).


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