worried about my new baby


Jan 24, 2005
Hey all,

I am a little worried about my bimac that arrived today-- So far he has been active-- playing in the bubbles and such, but I went over to the tank a minute ago and he was laying upside down! I could see that his siphon was pumping though, so I knew he was alive, so I stuck my finger in and nudged him a little, he righted himself, siphon still pumping, but he isn't going anywhere. I turned his light off. Water is perfect, no fish to mess with him, food to eat, any suggestions?
You con't really expect a little octopus that has just arrived to be that active - but this is the first time I've heard of one upside down. Could the bubbles have something to do with it?

Hope he's OK

Thanks for answering so fast-- I don't think the bubbles have anything to do with it, he is currently laying under the bubble wand, so they aren't blasting him. He is laying on his side now, siphon pumping, I guess I will leave him alone and hope he is alive when I wake up tomarrow *fingers crossed*
No, I don't know how old he is... Today I woke up and he was kind of stuck to the side of my internal filter, siphon pumping, so I let him be. I just got home from work and he is STILL stuck to the side of the filter, alive, so I decided to turn the filter off for a little bit ( I still have a hang on filter and skimmer going) and he is still stuck to the side, not moving but alive. I just want to give him a chance to slide off of that filter if he wants to, maybe he just likes it there. I stuck a clam and a sliver of scallop next to him, hopefully he will eat. Keep your tentacles crossed!
Thanks Dan. I guess it just wasn't ment to be. I just have NO idea why I can't keep a little guy alive. The water is perfect! *sigh*
So sorry Dawn :sad: It didn't sound good about being upside down or hanging on the filter.

RIP little octo :angelpus:

Please inform Octopets about your loss - I don't know what their policy is, but they need feedback.


My condolences. It seems you are another victim of Sudden Infant Octopus Death Syndrome. Something must be up for them to have perfect conditions and dying on all caretakers.
They may just be very young. As Jean says, many more octos are born than are expected to make it to adulthood. This may have been happening all along. I didn't record the ones that died on arrival because so many made it successfully.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I will write and let octopets know, maybe everyone else who has had a recent death should too, maybe they should keep them a few weeks longer before they send them out.

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