Wondering what the gene of a ceph looks like.


May 8, 2003
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has come across any research to unravle the gene of a ceph. I know, to the scientific community, this isn't as glamourous as the human gene, especially since ceph are our superior, but it would be great to look at it. Maybe, with any amount of luck, I could get the great Cthulhu elected supreme ruler of the world! Sorry about that:oops: , got off on a tangent. I do think this would be incredibly important to our understanding these wonderful creatures.

Thanks for that um...... will be keeping an eye on that. One thing I've found is that the genetic material can be hard to extract sometimes it'll come out fine....other times it won't ....I think it depends on how well you cast your spell...if you mumble it won't work!

Mumble, why that's my speciality! I'm sure it is difficult to extract, given the makeup, of most if not all cephs. I was just curious to know if there was any ongoing research. I would love to see a banner on CNN "MYSTERIES OF THE GENETIC MAKEUP OF THE GIANT SQUID REVEALED!" Along with the James Earl Jones voice over "This is CNN." It'd be kinda kewl.

I'll keep casting, but the gods must be playing pinochle.

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