Why hello, there.


Feb 18, 2008
Found this forum but dicking around on google for cuttlefish pictures.
Nice to meet you all.

I dunno what to say about myself other than my tie for favorite animal is between an Octopus/Cuttlefish/Virginia Opossum. I own a possum and so many little trinkets, but the same goes for mainly cuttlefish. Except for owning one.

All my tattoos are sea-life related. I just started on my ocean life sleeve which will contain mostly Octopi, Cuttlefish, starfish etc, etc. Maybe a sweet little mermaid on the top. My very first tattoo ever are my two cuttlefish on my chest.

I hope to get a habitat for a cuttlefish or octopus in a few years after doing a lot of research and moving into a actual house, I currently live in an apartment. I have paintings of octopi everywhere, I should get some pictures and post them on here. Hm.

Enough babbling for me, it's very nice to be a part of this forum!
:welcome: to TONMO! In the "culture" forums, there are a number of threads for various ceph-related trinkets, art, furniture, and so forth that you may be interested in checking out or contributing to...

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