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Which octopus for my 110 tank?

Aug 13, 2009
Now that I've had my 110 semi-reef tank set up and running I'm trying to decide which species of octopus to put in it. Currently it is stocked with 4 assorted damsels about 1/2" each, 1 pajama cardinal almost 1", a bird wrasse about 3"-4", a dragon wrasse about the same size as the bird wrasse, one moray eel (Gymnothorax polyuranodon I think) about 6", and a baby cortez round ray about 3" disk diameter. I want to stock 3+ small to medium octopus that are semi fish friendly but large enough that they will not be eaten by my eel or stingray. Does anyone have any suggestions? The reason for the 3+ is that I want to try and breed them. I will raise the babies in a seperate tank that will be set up when needed if I am success full in getting fertile eggs. Please feel free to leave any input, positive or negative. Thanks.
even for a small octo most of those fish are lunch size. and besides ribbon eels i don't recall any success keeping morays/eels with octos either. and in most cases of fish/octo cohabitation if the octo doesn't hurt the fish then the fish hurt the octo
This is a picture of my tank and the rockwork to the left. I have a 20K metal halide and two T5 actinics.


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I know there is controversy out right now about high intensity lighting causing premature blindness and all, but as far as I've heard that's all just speculation. Or are you reffering the level of light as being a deterant that would keep an octopus hidden?
i think even in diurnal species that would keep them hidden..its pretty intense light for creatures that are just fine at ambient levels. it will deff keep a nocturnal hidden around the clock..and if he cant escape the light entirely its going to stress him out bad
Thanks for that input. Do you know of any ways to keep this kind of light but dampen it in a way for an octopus? The last octopus I had was kept under compacts and T8s. I just recently up'd my lighting so I could keep corals. Ironically enough after purchasing this light I decided against a reef tank.

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