Where to buy cuttlefish eggs


Jan 8, 2008
Hi all.
I am a new member to TONMO.I have been keeping Sepia Bandensis for a while now and I would like to aquire some Sepia Officinalis.
Problem being,I live in Vancouver, Canada and I am having difficulty finding a supplier.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier who is willing to ship eggs(preferably) or live young?
I would also be interested in any suppliers of octopus to Canada as well.
Thanks in advance and Best Regards,
S. Officinalis are rarely available to the states. It is possible you will be able to find a European vendor that is willing to 2-3 day the eggs to you. I'm pretty sure they can 2 day across the Atlantic but if not they should definitely be able to do 3 day. I would only go this route with eggs, however, not live cuttles.
Sepia Officinalis

Thank you for the reply.

From my understanding cuttlefish are not endangered(CITIES LISTED).And therefore there should be no real paperwork or fees.Can anyone correct me on this?Do you know of a reputable dealer in Europe?
My hopes is to reproduce S.Officinalis in captivity and make them more available to my fellow North Americans.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might want to touch base with Aqua Tech as he is somewhere in Canada (vs on this side of the St Lawrence seaway) and reviewing cephs to raise and offer commercially.
I am working on getting all the species i can so they can be available to my customers, so I will keep the forums up to date with my progress.

Thank you


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