Where is a good place to buy cuttlefish

Mar 7, 2006
Hi i am having trouble finding a good place to buy cuttlefish...
I am wondering which would be the easiest to care for...
Also what is the longest living species...
and finally i have been looking for sepia pharaonis(pharaoh cuttlefish)..would that be a good or bad choice of cuttlefish to own?
:boohoo: please help this sad animal lover/scientist out of this loss

I have been doing alot of research on cuttle fish and cephalopods and i would like to have more tips from people..Please don't be rude!I have been caring for animals for about 10 years now and i have some pretty good experience with them.
arnt we all just looking for a place to buy Cuttlefish
since octopets went away we are kinda in a Ceph Probvider Vacum
I dont think any one on this community it rude
Cept me
I am VERY rude
I have to be to make up for all the nice people
There aren't any.

This hobby is really in its infancy. There aren't established businesses that breed cuttlefish to sell. The only breeding that goes on are by a few proud hobbyists. This means that availability off captive-bred eggs is rare and episodic.

Sometimes aquarium fish distributors will have wild-caught cuttlefish eggs. If you have an aquarium store you know and trust you might speak to them about getting eggs. On the other hand, the fry are pretty tough to raise. You'll also need to rear mysis shrimp en mass as feed.

Ok thank you..
Are there any good Octopus that are small and hardy(non Venomous) that are readily available and what are the Requirements for them (looking for something easy[beginner kinda stuff])
I havent found as much data on octopus as cuttlefish but i ahve found a generally large amount

If you get any information on available cuttle fish PLEASE contact me at [email protected]...I'm looking for Sepia Pharaonis or Sepia Bandenis (preferabley Sepia Bandenis)

Do you or someone you know have cuttlefish? If so Please tell me where you or they got them..If they or you breed the animals also have them contact me
Same problem with octopus...no one is breeding them. Octos are usually easier to come by though because there are some native to American waters and can be collected.

As for the people breeding Sepia bandensis. They're around here on TONMO, but they probably won't come out of the woodwork until they've seen you for a while and trust you with eggs. And it will probably be a number of months--at least--until there's a new batch of eggs.


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