Where can I buy a cuttlefish??

Sep 18, 2006
Hello everyone, Im new to Tonmo. My name is Dustin Place and I am 17...I live in NY and work at a pet store. I have been really interested in cuttlefish for a long time and have done extensive research on caring for them as pets.

Now, can anyone recommend a good breeder or place that sells cuttlefish...I'll take whatever info. you have...it will be much appreciated!! I've been having an incredibly hard time finding somewhere to buy one.Thanks a lot! -Dustin:snorkel:
aquatropics doesnt have a website and New Alameda aquatics is out of cuttlefish... :/ Im looking for anything really, whether it be eggs, juveniles or adults...anybody know of a breeder or another place that sells them?? BTW-Thanks for the help "I need Cuttle"
Most cephs are seasonal. Its not like clownfish which reproduce year-round and can be found anytime. If you're really interested your best bet is to sit tight and wait. I got mine in May and you can probably expect some to be available then. If you stay on TONMO I'm sure you'll be one of the very first to find out when some are available.

Good luck,

That majorly sucks...Aquatropics did have a website, but you couldn't order from there. They had the number, and address, and I called them about cuttle eggs (which was all they carried) and they said I think $6 per egg!
I really want a pair of cuttles, but everyone is suggesting an octo...:(

Is RO or RO/DI water a must, even if you can keep clams, seahorses, corals, and other inverts in regular tap water that is dechlorinated?

Also, there is a creek/pond behind my house. If i'm low on food, could I collect crayfish, or minnows to feed in case of emergencies?
I would definately suggest using RO-DI water as opposed to tap water just for the fact that the cuttlefish and really all cephalopods are very sensitive animals. I wouldnt take a chance...I'd go with the RO-DI water. As for the wild caught creatures...Im not really sure so I'll let someone else answer it. BTW- I really hope youre right and that October will bring more cuttlefish...if anybody hears about any available cuttlefish...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

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