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Whats happening with my starfish???


Apr 18, 2004
i have a blue linkia star which stays on the front glass and doesnt move all that much

i have just noticed that it has a sort of clump of brown (dead) stuff under it which i am quite sure are dead or shed feeder tentacle things! - great description i know - i can see (new?) tentacles growing well i assume that is the case as they are smaller and whiter than the others

is this normal and or ok
hmm havnt seen that on a linckia before, is it not its stomach?

these starfish feed on bacteria and algae on the surfaces of the tank and can be quite tricky, have you had it long?
no im sure its not the stomach

its gone now - it looked as of it shed the old sucker things (what are they called btw) cos there are new smaller, finer ones there now - it looks perfectly fine!

ive had it about 1 month

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