What would the potential lifespan of a sterile octopus be?


Jul 17, 2019
American Canyon, California
Out of curiosity I began looking at octopus lifespans and I noticed that the reason that cephalopods don’t live very long is because they die right after reproduction. Given an octopus in the wild (lets say for instance a giant pacific octopus) hatches sterile and manages to make it to adulthood, how much longer would it live if it didn’t mate? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere I look
The study that I know about in this area is one where they prevented female octopuses from sexually maturing by removing the optic gland. This roughly doubled their lifespan. As I remember the experiment, If even a piece of the gland was reimplanted the animal sexually matured and dies normally (mating does not matter in all cases). Removing the gland after maturity had no effect. Here is a link to prior discussions and the papers

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