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What are the odds...?


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 21, 2008
that my Six Line Wrasse will survive when my Octopus briareus finally arrives this Wednesday. I know your not really supposed to have much else in octo tanks because they get eaten :frown:.

Toms Caribbean Tropicals Inc. will be supplying him since I honestly can't find any other website that has any octos in stock.

My fish is named floyd and looks identical to this picture but with an all green tail.

http://www.nano-reef.com/fish/images/sixline1.jpg (for some reason the picture won't show up all the time.)
You Guys seem to know what your talking about so I'll ask one more question. what's the easiest way to insure your octopus won't escape from the tank. I've heard low water levels, large books, mesh wire?

Any ideas? comments? All appreciated!
:welcome: to TONMO. I wouldn't give it too good odds; Joefish's recent briareus addition ate his watchman goby the other day... we generally advise against tankmates, since they often will either end in someone being lunch, or cause undue stress for both animals at being confined in a small space with a potential adversary. But some folks have done OK... probably, the more crabs or shrimp you provide, the less likely the octo will eat the fish out of pure hunger... but I wouldn't count on that.

Low water levels won't help much; they can climb pretty well.
Given my experience with Six-Line Wrasse's, they're pretty quick and squirrelly. I would give it better odds than most other fish, but like Monty said, don't count on it. If the octopus is tiny like mine is, I wouldn't leave the wrasse in the tank with it, chances are it will harm your octopus.
I had a six-lined wrasse that I transferred to my 55 gallon. The 55 gallon had a maroon clown and three damsels. The six-lined wrasse disappeared :shock: - I never found a body... Six-lined wrasse can be aggressive too... so I might worry that the octopus would be harassed.
Thanks I'll take everyone's advice into consideration. I ended up taking a wire mesh hamster cage cover and making some cuts so the filter and such can go through but i think with some weights it'll do the trick.

I hope my fish doesn't get killed :frown:
Alright well its coming either tomorrow or thursday. I'll snap some pictures and keep everyone updated. Hell might as well get some videos of the octo eating the coolest fish ever if it happens :frown:
Sorry to hear about Floyd (RIP), but yeah, he's a beautiful octo. It looks like he's trying to be pale to match the rock in that picture...

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