What am I gonna do with this? (says The Agent)

Jul 31, 2003
I got The Agent some shrimp and clams. They are huge for him. I took some shots of him eating the shrimp. 8)

Watch as his eyespot changes color:



And a shot of one of the clams:


Where are you getting that stuff up there? Online or at one of the Asian Farmers Markets?

The biggest LIVE shrimp I got Ochi to eat so far was only about 1 1/2", he will not mess with the bigger ones yet. Did The Agent eat all of the 4"?
Yeah I took it out yesterday. Oh and I forgot to tell yall but when I got the shrimp and clams I also saw a snail and thought Id give him that too. He pounced on that bad boy like the fat kid on cake!

And guess what? I got ALOT more of the snails! Probably 40 or so. Cost me $3.35 8).

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