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were can i purchase a baby octopus???


Jun 15, 2005
i dont know much about octapuses, but i was wondering were i may be able to purchase, or order a baby octapus.
im looking for a smaller breed, and friendly aswell.i also would like a breed that lives for a long time.
soooo, baby octapus,a smaller breed,friendly,long life span.
please let me know were i can order or purchase one.
ps, the octapus needs to be small enough to live its life in a tank no bigger then 30 gallons.
hi nina, im fairly new to kepping octos but ill try to answer your questions the best i can. seems octopets.com is the best place to get a captive bred octo. they offer bimacs. the staff seems real nice but you have to have a lot of patience as there a small operation and will take a lot of waiting. most mom and pop type petstores will get u an octo but then u run into the problem i have of not knowing what species ect. as for the 30 gal tank most people would recomend a dwarf and as far as life span unfortunetly i believe dwarfs are only about 6 moths total or less and even the mid to large size octos are only 1- maybe 2 yrs. thats about the extent of what i know but alot of the other members on this site are much more knowledgeable and perhaps they can help.
thanx, how much do the babys usually cost?
do u think purchasing eggs would be better?cause they come in 10s, and i dont want that many, i want 1.is the breed California Mudflat a good breed?wut breed do u own?
also do the eggs hatch on there own, or do they need a parent?
do octos breed sexually?also, wut is the smallest size tank i can keep an octo in?and wut breed suites this size best? :squidwar:
you should probably find out some more information about octopuses before you even think about buying one!! If you are not experienced with keeping a saltwater tank, i would NOT start with an octopus. They are not for beginners.
im experenced w/ salt water tanks, and im not really looking to buy an octo at the moment(or any time soon)thats why im asking soooo many questions,so i know wut to watch out for,i most certianly will not purchase a ceph of any kind, untill i feel im more educated and prepared,i will research for years if thats how long it takes.i will do all i can to make sure of the octos comfort,and health.i just wanted to know what breed was the best,so that in the future, i would know wut to look for.

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