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well on my way

Mar 30, 2007
I've decided on a briareus, mainly because heaters are cheaper than chillers. i had a Bimac in mind before, but I thought that would be a bit to expensive to get started with. right now i've got a 55 gallon and a cpr backpack. i know that the ideal size is 75, but i've heard talk that sais that a 55 should work. I've got a bucket of saltwater and an airstone in my room housing the 20 lbs of live rock ive acumulated. my birthday's coming up in june, when i will turn 16, and my parents have agreed to get me 40 lbs of live rock. i also think i'll get a summer job to help pay for the remaining needs of the animal.

I want to feed him white shore shrimp, which i think i can keep in a ten gallon that i have. maby one a day when he's young and two when he gets older. I know i'm thinking a bit far ahead, but it can't hurt to plan.at this point i figure that there is no turning back. ive told some of my friends at school, and they either think that i'm really weird or theyre disapointed about the 3 month cycling period.

when are briareus in season? i need to know so i can get a baby.