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well now that zoidbergs home he wont come out of the house!

Feb 24, 2005
now this is slightly frustrating... i know it takes a couple of days for them to get used to the tank and start wandering but when i get stuck in the car for long periods of time all i want to do is run around and eat everything! well i guess i just have to wait... hope he starts to come out this weekend while im gone. maybe my roommate will be the first to see him in action. anyway ill keep the pics up and running.
Can you blame your octo, though? At least now it can hide without the constant sensation of it's universe being sloshed around! I've found kittens act much the same way when you first get them home. Soon Zoidberg ought to be purring and sharpening his beak on your favorite chair!
I know exactly what u mean! i got my little occy 5 days ago and hadn't seen him at all until just this morning! I turned on the light as i got up and he was sitting by a rock, he inked a tiny bit and was gone. i was pumped, i saw him swimming briefly later on in the day, so hes obviously slowly getting used to the tank..exciting times!
Be patient!!! So many new octo owners rip their tanks apart within the first week out of concern, but the best thing is to leave him alone and let him adjust. He will emerge when you least expect it!

And :welcome: Sinks!!! What kind of baby do you have???

Hi Carol! thanks for the welcome! :rainbow:

I actually cant tell you the species, the pet store simply advertised him as "common octopus", all i can say is that when he was placed in the bag for the journey home he turned a light brown and had a striking white stripe on his mantle. When i saw him this morning he was black. I wish i knew the species but wat can ya do?

thanks again,

hi there

the baby stage can take a while to get through. In the wild they would be a tasty morsel for just about everything that swims there! so expect them to be very shy and secretive for a while, i know it s apain but they will always come round eventually

well its now sunday and he still hasnt eaten to my knowledge but he does venture out to the opening of the shell to watch me now so we are making a little progress hopefully the little guy will get hungry soon and start eating the fiddler crabs before they figure out he might be tasty!
try calm lighting and some mood music...maybe a glass of wine...works for my wife, at least... :smile:

I am sure he/she will come around...sometimes the ones that are shy at first make the biggest extroverts as they get older!

oh my hes trying to stalk the crabs that go under the shell but he gives up when the crab reaches the outside! so exciting then so let down oh well maybe the next one
cthulhu77 said:
try calm lighting and some mood music...maybe a glass of wine...works for my wife, at least... :smile:

Try taking it out for some italian food and pretending to be really interested in whatever its saying!

Try some Belgian chocolates (the ones shaped like shells)... maybe with crab filling! A little Barry White never hurt either.
no seriously... its been a week and i dont think hes eaten a thing... i put little mussles and crabs and chunks of minnow in his den and next thing i know hes throwin them out the door... the food just piles up outside his home... what the hell is it that he wants to eat!
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