WEll i believe i am back again

Aug 15, 2005
Well i am finaly back again, i find that i take little breaks from tonmo when ever anyting ceph relateded turns to the bad, i then come back a month or two later, well after my failed attemp to get some flamboyant cuttle eggs/cuttles, failed i was flustered and took a leave of absence from the forum, well do to the fact that my last surviving bandensis cuttle, lazarus is getting big and beging that i take some pics of him, i have decided to come back. :)
Stick around, OK, we need I need you need everybody needs cuttle! Lazarus with hindsight probably should've been called Methusalem, I guess, or is this his second run following divine intervention?
Glad you are back. I know how you feel! I go through times where I just can't put anymore effort into anything ceph related - just to tired and it so hard! Right now I have a bunch of babies very few people are actually buying, a bunch of new video and pics, but I haven't the heart to work on it. I am still beat from the 8 months of work raising the last batch and that ending with no fertile eggs. However, I think, like you, I am starting to come out of it. Sorry to cry all over your thread! :smile:

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