Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Nov 19, 2002

Welcome to this new subforum in the Marine Conservation forum. Herein we will try and limit ourselves to discussing aspects of cetacean biology, and the relationship between cetaceans and cephalopods.

This subforum has been seeded with a few popular threads from the parent Marine Conservation forum; it has the potential to become quite significant for those with an interest in cetacean biology and conservation.

We look forward to further posts. Read on, enjoy, and thanks for tuning in.

You did some field work last year, exploring new invasive species, mentioned some new bi-valves and promised a discussion on the impact (pros and cons) of what you are finding. This might be just the place to enlighten us on your findings ;>)
Thank you so much for this section on the forum. Cephalopods have been a favorite for so long, and I recently fell in love with whales, so imagine my surprise to find this board! I am going to go read through it now :smile:

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