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May 30, 2000
It's never too early to start loving cephalopods. We've created this forum to be the place for parents and their children to discuss cephy resources for kids.

This forum exists in memory of TONMO member and Supporter Jana, caring mother of a young cephalopod enthusiast who many of us met, along with her husband and son, at TONMOCON III in Monterey Bay in 2009. Jana understood that a child's capacity to learn has no bounds, and there's much more to cephalopods than meets the eye. You can read more about Jana and her passing here.
check out www.otago.ac.nz/marinestudies has a number of downloadable resources, mainly aimed at NZ and linked to the NZ school curriculum, but definitely worth a look as some are easily transposed to other areas and there is squid and octopus stuff!

I like "It's True! Squids Suck" by Nicki Greenberg,2005, (ISBN 1741146275) an inexpensive paperback full of amazing cephalopod facts and stories! This is the blurb!

Have you ever opened a coconut and found an octopus inside? Ever been hypnotised by a cuttlefish or squirted by a squid? Dive in and discover why octopuses have smart arms and blue blood, which squid always wears pyjamas and why squid scientists love to play with whale vomit. Look into the biggest eye on the planet, and learn how to make an octopus blush. But watch out - these creatures really do suck! Stretch your mental tentacles with super squid facts

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