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Feb 15, 2003
Welcome to Culture & Entertainment, where we discuss how cephalopods are represented in society, including TV, movies, print and throughout history in general. Don't see something? Post It. It all adds to the flavor.

I hate to play the role of a buzzkill, but i want to make two points:

1) TONMO is a family friendly site, so please keep it within reason

2) We have threads dedicated to the silly and off the wall, so please try to avoid posting completely* off-topic things in threads that seem to have a purpose.

Those are pretty obvious, so i doubt there'll be any problems. Now kick back and have a little fun.

:welcome: and :party:

PS - This may be the only time you ever see me post using sentences instead of stream of consciousness.

* Given the nature of TONMO, a certain bit of meandering is bound to happen through the course of discussion. If something is really unrelated but still Ceph oriented, it would probably need a new topic.
Not open for further replies.
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