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We Need Help. Pregnant Octopus. Baby Food


Nov 24, 2005
My Dad got an Octopus from our local Aquarium a couple of weeks ago. She's only been in the tank for about 2 - 3 weeks and she's PREGNANT.:shock: My dad called the octopus expert and they say that they arn't sure what octopus babies eat, considering that they have tons of different species. My dad is going to try and get some cultured plankton. I found this site on a search on google. So if anyone can help me:smile:, then my father and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again, Bernie.:heee: :octopus2:
Hi Bernie and :welcome:

It would be good to know what species you have. Any pictures?
Generally, it is very hard to raise baby octopuses because they have a sort of planktonic stage (which means that they are not bottom dwelling like adults).
It is easier to raise baby cuttlefish which are born as mignature adults.
However, it is not impossible and you should give it a shot.

Firstly, it is important that you do not disturb the embryos, you don't want them to hatch prematurely.
Secondly, you will see that the hatchlling are very small (3 to 8mm total length) and you should becareful they don't get trapped in your filter. Also, be sure that your inflow of water is gentle.
As for the feeding...mmmm well that is the tricky part!
The best would be crustacean larvae, but zooplankton should be fine too. Try to feed them small amounts as many time per day as you can!

You would be lucky to have two or three that survives...

Good luck and keep us posted

Amphipods, mysids etc are best........don't let anyone talk you into Artemia (brine shrimps!) they are not nutritious enough! Your babies will take surprisingly large planktonic prey! Don't be surprised if they eat each other.......this is normal!


Jean said:
......don't let anyone talk you into Artemia (brine shrimps!) they are not nutritious enough!

True! my experiences with artemia when trying to grow ceph paralarvae has always been very bad, even after having enriched them in SUPER selco! The little guys did not show interest in them.
The only published +ve result with enriched artemia (which made me try artemia) was when Erica Vidal was rearing L.opalescens hatchlings at the NRCC.


she was lucky! :roll:


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